Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Two Neighboring Krisels For Sale in Point Loma Estates – San Diego, CA

Krisel #1

There’s two neighboring Krisel homes for sale right now in Point Loma Estates. The first one is a bright, well-kept and fairly thoughtfully updated 1960 home, with 1,956 square feet at 3503 Larga Circle with an asking price of $767,000.

This Drogin-built property features whitewashed exposed wood ceilings, skylights, a clean and simple updated kitchen, lots of large sliding glass doors and fantastic clearstories. The front still retains the classic Krisel mid-century façade and features a fitting flat-panel garage door and classic carved red entry door. Too bad there’s not a close up photo of that hanging light above the entryway!

Here’s a link to the Redfin listing: 3503 Larga Circle

Or if you prefer Zillow, check it out here: 3503 Larga Circle

Krisel #2

The second Point Loma Estates Drogin-built Krisel home is located right next door at 3517 Larga Circle. This one retains its original layout at 1,652 square feet and is situated on an almost 6,400 square-foot lot. This one has been updated; however the updates aren’t necessarily true to the mid-century style.

Dark floors and dark kitchen cabinetry with raised-panel arches make this home show much darker than it should. Sunscreens over the front clearstories also contribute to the lack of light, while beige paint and dark bathroom cabinetry also help darken the home. A huge redeeming factor (other than knowing that much of the darkness comes from easy fixes – lighter paint & removing the sunscreens) is the great form of that signature Krisel-designed fireplace in the living room. I love the proportions on this feature – although the baseboard running up the side of the fireplace is a chuckle – but it’s a beautiful piece. If the right colors were used this would easily be the crown centerpiece of the room.

The baseboard running up the side of the fireplace is definitely a head-scratcher
The rear yard appears to be mainly concrete while the front is clean and tidy. The large white garage door with large sunburst windows isn’t the best fit (but matches the sunburst front door); neither are the white vinyl windows; however, again, these could easily be mitigated with more thoughtful paint color choices until replacement becomes feasible. There’s great potential with this home and hopefully it’ll end up with someone who enjoys it for the hidden gem that it is. 

Here’s a link to the Redfin listing: 3517 Larga Circle

Here’s a link to the Zillow listing: 3517 Larga Circle

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