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The Krisel Connection is dedicated to showcasing and discussing the works of modernist architect William Krisel. Architect to tens of thousands of tract homes, custom residences and numerous commercial buildings, Krisel’s distinct style and cutting-edge design helped set the tone for modern architecture in America during the mid-century. I know things are just getting started here, but I hope to one day soon have a comprehensive online archive available to friends and fans of modern architecture. 

I began my appreciation for the works of Krisel when I moved to Las Vegas, Nevada in 1997. In my hunt for the “Casino House” from Martin Scorsese’s 1995 film “Casino”, I stumbled across the mid-century modern haven of Paradise Palms, which not only featured the “Casino House” built by a husband/wife home builder from California in 1964, but also featured hundreds of tract homes designed by William Krisel during his partnership with Dan Palmer, as well as hundreds of other mid-century gems. Instantly drawn to this style of home, I purchased a home there a few years later and set off learning about my surroundings. I eventually discovered for myself who Krisel was and his involvement in shaping the mid-century modern aesthetic. 

Growing up in Phoenix and raised by an architect-father, a mother with an art history, color and design background and living in a 1955 mid-century tract home designed by a well-known modernist Phoenix architect, I had an intrinsic appreciation for the works of Krisel. Since moving to Las Vegas I’ve been afforded the opportunity to restore, renovate, paint and landscape several of the Krisel homes here, giving me a much more intimate knowledge of his work than I ever could have imagined. Over time I began to seek out various Krisel housing tracts and buildings in my travels, wanting to experience and discover each one for myself and then share it with the world.

Owners, tastes and needs change over time, which has resulted in many of these great homes being altered from their original design. Some alterations are carefully thought out and beneficial, while others are a quick means to an end. I hope that this blog creates awareness, advocacy and education on the works of William Krisel, and fosters appreciation and a new generation of fans for his work.

I love good architecture, design and real estate, and possess backgrounds in all three areas. I graduated from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas with a Bachelor’s of Landscape Architecture. I’ve worked in real estate and private development, and am currently a city planner. When time allows, I offer consulting on landscape and color design.

I am by no means a purist; however, I do believe that if there is an original home feature still intact, one should leave and preserve it to remain as the original architect or designer intended. When modifications are made, property owners should listen to the architecture and form a response, rather than force an unintended design style. The latter will only result in a product that feels off at either a conscious or subconscious. 

Dave Cornoyer


  1. Love your blog! I'm working on Krisel's residential architecture for a MCM group (North Carolina Modernist Houses) and live in Tucson so we drove by the house that was "flipped". OMG.....what a hack job - and this is just from what I could see from the windows. That front door is hideous with the interior door trim, lol! Anyhow, great blog, thanks for all the great info! I will certainly cite your blog in any information I use and since our site gets millions of viewers, hopefully it will lead them back to you. Thanks again!

  2. Thanks Cath for checking out the site. I'm slowly working on creating a database of subdivision photos and location maps, little by little. Feel free to reach out anytime,, I'm always happy to chat. -Dave

  3. Just found this blog today while searching for a P&K tract in So Cal, so glad to see somebody making an effort to document some of the many lesser-known tracts. Keep up the good work.

  4. I'm a recent owner of a Palmer & Krisel tract home and my family and I love it! We were lucky to find one of the tract homes that still had the original design and main features in-tact. I hate to see so many homes flipped and updated to a style that is completely contrary to the architect's vision. Thanks for this blog and the appreciation of William Krisel's work!

  5. Thank you for all the valuable information Dave! We just bought a Palmer & Krisel home in Pacifica in Pacific Beach. Most of the home is original, and we want to restore it, just haven't been able to find the plans (pacifica #5) to lay out exactly how it was built. Any tips you could give us would be appreciated. If you want pictures of how it looks now, I could upload. Thanks, Lynn & Chris

    1. Just saw your post, hope the renovation worked out for you! Krisels collection is at the Getty Center in Los Angeles. I've done research there in the past and the archivists were super helpful. If you still want info or want to document what you did and let them know, I'm sure they'd be happy to help!

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