Sandpiper Palm Desert - Palm Desert, CA

Sandpiper Palm Desert Location Map
Built between 1958 and 1970 in Palm Desert, CA is the modernist condominium development of Sandpiper. Consisting of 306 units dispersed throughout 17 condominium “circles,” the development was built in various stages over the years by multiple builders. Circles 1-14 were designed by Palmer & Krisel, with the first Circle being completed in 1958 built by George M. Holstein & Sons in conjunction with the Western Land and Capital Company. Holstein & Sons built the first four circles, while Sandpiper Builders, formed by entrepreneurs George Osborn and William Kemp built circles 5 through 17. The final Palmer & Krisel-designed circles were completed in approximately 1965, while later-built circles comprise the non-Palmer & Krisel models.

Units range in size from just under 1,000 square feet to nearly 3,000 square feet, and were designed with 16 units centered around a common swimming pool comprising a “circle.” Each unit was designed so as not to provide views directly into an adjacent unit, and all units contain a unique blend of public and private space. Entries are typically located along the side of each unit, and parking takes the form of both carport and garage parking spaces.

Vintage ad featuring Sandpiper Palm Desert

Sandpiper features a magnificent collection of decorative midcentury concrete block, shadow block and breezeblocks in a variety of textures and patterns. Adjacent buildings would vary decorative block style, along with unique executions of sunflaps, clerestories and eave details.


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  2. Thanks for the history. Who designed circles 15,16 and 17?