Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Paradise Palms Krisel Tri-Level For Sale – Las Vegas, NV

Situated on the 9th Fairway of the Las Vegas National Golf Course sits this 2,000 square-foot Palmer & Krisel tri-level home built in 1963. Originally 1,500 square feet, this home has had its carport converted to additional living space and a garage has been constructed adjacent to the former carport. Fun features on this one include a bar in the downstairs playroom/family room.

There’s not much original left on this one; however, Krisel’s signature two-over-two windows are still intact, letting in lots of natural light into this home. This one’s been sitting vacant for a while now waiting for that perfect restoration; however the high asking price of $329,000 has been keeping buyers away. The orange/brown color doesn’t quite suit the mid-century style home either, but that can be easily changed. I don’t believe the owner or listing agent have any clue as to the history behind this property, but hopefully the new owner will.

This home sits nestled amongst other Palmer & Krisel homes at 3474 Spencer Street.

Here’s a link to the Redfin listing: 3474 Spencer Street

Here’s a link to the Zillow listing: 3474 Spencer Street

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