Thursday, May 14, 2015

1954 Palmer & Krisel Home For Sale in Parkwood La Mirada – Orange County, La Mirada, CA

Today’s featured home is a smaller Palmer & Krisel-designed home in the Parkwood La Mirada neighborhood of Orange County. This midcentury modern home is only 1,161 square feet and contains 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a two-car garage on a 7,200 square-foot lot priced at $479,000.  

While definitely small by today's standards, this didn’t matter to Krisel. “To me, the smaller the house, the lower the budget, the bigger the challenge. I like problem-solving.” Krisel has been quoted as saying. “But I wanted to do a small house that had the feel of a bigger house. I wanted people to walk into a house and say, ‘How many square feet? 1,500?’ And I’d say, ‘No, 900.’ ” Square footage doesn’t matter, says Krisel. “Volume and architecture make a space feel like it feels.”

Of the limited images shown of this home, this sentiment definitely rings true. The images shown of the kitchen reveal a very open living space, with soaring wooden-beamed vaulted ceilings, and windows that extend upwards from the countertop to the ceiling. The kitchen has been remodeled in a very traditional manner; however, the finishes somehow work with this mid century home.

There are some minor style conflicts within this home. The front door is very Victorian in style; the garage door is very much traditional cottage in it's style while the raised-panel interior doors are very traditional in appearance, creating a lot of styles in a limited space. All are simple unification fixes which would help create some style cohesion. The bathrooms and bedrooms aren’t shown at all in this home, leaving potential buyers to all but wonder what’s happening within that space.

The exterior of this home reflects the intended mid-mod design style of the property, defiantly showing off classic Krisel lines under an appropriate minty-green /seafoam paint job. In a home this size outdoor living is important, and both the front and back yards are lush, relaxing and fitting. Redfin has labeled this a ‘Hot Home’ with a high chance of selling within the next few days. Don't miss this one!

Check out the Redfin photos here: 14708 Biola Ave

Or Zillow here: 14708 Biola Ave

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