Saturday, May 23, 2015

Two Krisel Condos in the Ocotillo Lodge – Palm Springs, CA

For those of you looking for that perfect vacation home there’s no better place than the 1957 Palmer & Krisel-designed Ocotillo Lodge in Palm Springs, California. Here’s a pair of 525 square-foot one bedroom, one bathroom condos waiting for their new owner.

The first condo available is a second-story unit, featuring one bedroom and one bathroom, with an asking price of $130,000. The monthly HOA fees are $360/month. This small unit features an original kitchenette, signature Krisel open-beamed ceilings and original bathroom.

These units aren’t huge, and there’s some color choices in this one that seem to enhance the diminutiveness of this condominium rather than enlarge it. The beige tile also make this unit feel somewhat smaller than it is. This home is begging for a white terrazzo or quartz floor to brighten it up. We definitely dig that vintage oven and the mosaics in the bath.  This is a fun unit with loads of potential to be that oasis getaway we all want. Here’s a chance to make it your own!

Check out the Redfin photos here: 1111 East Palm Canyon Drive #223

Or Zillow here: 1111 East Palm Canyon Drive #223

The next unit available is another second-story unit that’s been completely remodeled. The remodel on this one is very traditional, which unfortunately does not quite fir the mid-mod origins of the building. The original open-beamed ceilings have been drywalled over, and crown molding has been added. The kitchen has been interestingly opened up, making the space feel a bit larger.

The unit is in good condition and shows well. There’s just something about the heavy use of beiges and browns that make this unit feel older and more generic than a mid-mod gem. It’ll definitely appeal to someone’s tastes, and may eventually make a good restoration candidate. If you’re looking for a long-term investment, this may be a good opportunity, as all furnishings are being sold with the unit.

Check out the Redfin photos here: 1111 East Palm Canyon Drive #215

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