Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Iconic 1961 Palmer & Krisel Former Model Home For Sale in Paradise Palms – Las Vegas, NV

This iconic tri-level home was once one of nine Palmer & Krisel-designed model homes for Las Vegas-based Paradise Homes as part of the Paradise Palms Plan-O-Ramic Exhibit Center. This three bedroom, two bathroom home features a two-car carport, swimming pool (empty) and sits on a 10,000 square-foot lot midway on a 13-home cul-de-sac.  Julius Shulman, famous for his iconic photographs of modernist architecture photographed this home in 1962 for Palmer & Krisel, making this a rare opportunity to own a piece of modernism history. The original phots, shown below, are on file with the Getty Museum in Los Angeles.

This home is a short sale and in fairly rough shape, with loads of deferred maintenance. Tinfoil is the window covering of choice for this east-west facing home – ultimately well-placed trees can help mitigate desert sun exposure in situations like this.

There’s loads of potential here to restore this property back to original. Luckily the original kitchen has survived, with original cabinets, sink and salmon-colored tile countertops. There’s soaring clearstories and floor-to-ceiling windows in the living room letting lots of light into this moderately-sized home.

All three bedrooms are upstairs, along with both bathrooms, which feature vaulted ceilings and more clerestory windows. The lower floor of the home contains laundry and a family/bar room with original open-beamed ceilings, access to the carport and windows out to the backyard.

Out front the signature screen block in front of the carport is still fully intact, as are the original staggered floating  concrete stairs leading to the front door. There's also some fantastic shadow block adding character to the chimney face, while the roof eaves are Krisel's signature open-soffit design, which create distinct and unique shadow lines on the exterior of the home. There aren’t any listing photos of the bathrooms or secondary bedrooms, so their condition is unknown. Also not pictured is the living room fireplace whose surround consists of a floating steel ring attached to the living room wall.

Priced at on $145,000, this home is a bargain compared to the other Krisels we’ve featured here on the Krisel Connection. If anyone is patient and is looking for that perfect midcentury modern home to restore (and has a classic Thunderbird to fill that carport) this is an excellent opportunity to own a significant piece of modernist history at a bargain price. Opportunities like this are few and far between, don't miss this one. 

Check out the Redfin photos here: 3343 Dakota Way

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  1. Do you know if more Julius Shulman photos of Paradise Palms in Las Vegas are available?

    1. I only know of one other of the model home sales center observation tower (demo'd when the sales center was removed) but that it for now that is available publicly. The Shulman or Krisel archive at the Getty may have more that aren't categorized yet.

  2. Thanks for your previous reply. I took a look at this home earlier this year and it's rough! I have interior shots if you're interested.

    1. Hi Kent, thanks! Sure, we'd love to see the interior shots. Either email them over or post on the facebook wall,