Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Butterfly-Roofed 1959 Krisel For Sale in Northridge College Estates – Northridge, CA

In Northridge College Estates just northeast of the University of California, Northridge in the San Fernando Valley sits today’s featured Palmer & Krisel home – a 1959, 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 2-car garage  1,488 square-foot butterfly-roofed home with a pool on an 11,400 square-foot lot. While structurally the property appears to be clean and well cared-for, the updates that have been done to this home are fairly traditional in choice and do not necessarily reflect the futuristic mid-mod roots of the home. This makes it an ideal candidate for restoration or a modernist make-over.

On the front façade, the clerestories that were once proportionately above the three front windows have been removed. This is a west-facing home, and clerestory removal is often a solution that homeowners choose to mitigate sun issues. There are other solutions, such as proper tree placement, screening devices or interior coverings that can be utilized rather than window removal. The front yard could use an overhaul - such as removal of the iron fence - and the shutters, half-moon front door and garage door aren’t quite suited to the style of the home – but all are easily changeable.

Inside there’s plenty of clearstories still intact – check out the living room fireplace which features clerestories above the fireplace and again wrapping around on the rear wall facing the backyard. The master bedroom features the same wrap-around clerestory design. The fireplace is a typical signature Krisel design; however, the stonework on the surround is not typical of his style and looks to be a slightly later, yet still vintage, add-on.

The kitchen and baths are fairly simple in appearance, reflecting updates done over the years. The rear yard is pretty much a blank slate, waiting for a modernist makeover. There’s also opportunity to restore the sliding glass doors at the rear of the home, which would help this 1,400 square foot home open up to its cavernous backyard. I love seeing opportunities like this and I hope this home receives a worth restoration.

Check out the Redfin photos here: 9946 Encino Avenue

Or Zillow here: 9946 Encino Avenue

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