Thursday, August 20, 2015

Racquet Club Road Estates Garage & Palmer & Krisel Home For Sale – Palm Springs, CA

Sometimes mid-century modern doesn’t always keep its original form. It can get modified for specific needs, tacked onto over the years, or in some cases remodeled beyond recognition. In fact there’s an unfortunate 2012 renovation of a Palmer & Krisel in Corbin Palms right now for sale that we can’t bring ourselves to post here, especially since it was near original prior to 2011 and barely resembles its original form today. This 1961 Racquet Club Road Estates home is an interesting one. Half of it is a Palmer & Krisel butterfly-roofed home, half of it is a six-car garage. The home currently features three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a monster garage and an in-ground pool on a 10,000 square-foot lot with an asking price of $580,000.

The exterior of the home definitely tells the story of the architectural divide between the garage-half of the home and the original Palmer & Krisel half. The Palmer & Krisel half still features its original H-shadow block, clerestories and window arrangement. The front entrance has been modified, incorporating a new entry hall where the entry courtyard once was.

Entry hall
Living Room

Living and Dining Rooms

Walking into the home, surprisingly the interior floor plan and finishes are generally in keeping with the mid-mod spirit of the home. The living, dining and kitchen are all at the rear of the home, overlooking the backyard and swimming pool area. The large, modernist stacked block fireplace in the living room is still intact and well-reserved, serving as the anchor for the room. The original open, beamed ceilings are also all still in place in most of the rooms.

Dining Room and kitchen

The kitchen has been updated with grey/ash colored raised-panel cabinets, white composite countertops and stainless steel appliances. The ceiling has also been flattened, a response tied into the adjacent entry hall and garage addition.

Master bedroom
Secondary bedroom
Secondary bedroom
Guest bathroom
The three bedrooms still have their original form; the master sits at the front corner of the home with south-facing clerestories and a private sliding glass door on the side of the home. The bathrooms have been updated, and are clean-lined and modern in design.

Backyard and pool area
Pool area and back of home
Grassy area on east side of yard
Out back the yard is pretty sparse, devoid of trees or any vertical landscape, with the exception on one small sago palm. There’s a small strip of grass along the eastern side of the yard, and pavers and concrete make up the rest of the yard. The remainder of the backyard is occupied by the six car garage.

Huge garage resembles and aircraft hangar - lots of room for a hobbyist
The addition is what it is – architecturally it doesn’t conform to the scale or lines of the original home. It serves a very specific purpose and will attract a specific buyer. There’s always the potential to fix the butterfly roofline or even to restore the carport and remove the garage addition; however at the current price point restoration isn’t completely a cost-effective option, unless the property is held for a few years.

If there’s a mid-mod lover out there who also has an affinity for large garages, and doesn't mind a half Palmer & Krisel, half garage home, this is definitely the place for them.

Check out the listing on here: 1188 East Adobe Way

Or Zillow here: 1188 East Adobe Way

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