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Paradise Palms ‘Hacienda-ified’ Palmer & Krisel Short Sale Opportunity – Las Vegas, NV

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Sometime between 1977 and 1983, when midcentury modern was considered outdated and not yet appreciated, this 1962 Palmer & Krisel designed home received a severe makeover to a more Spanish/southwestern style home with three separate additions placed on the property as well as a significant exterior makeover.  A heavy lace stucco replaced the smooth sand finish, red clay barrel tile was added to the roof, clerestories were covered up, and a massive 1,000 square-foot addition was placed on the north side of the home.

Original floor plan and William Krisel rendering

Starting out life as a 1,215 square-foot three bedroom two bathroom home, this property is now a 2,207 square-foot, four bedroom, three bathroom home. There’s still a two-car covered carport, and out back there’s an empty pool that was built in 1963. The asking price on this property is $178,000 & it’s a short sale – interestingly the property last sold for $64,900 in 2011, so we’re not sure if the owners refinanced for a higher rate or if the bank just wants to make a profit.

Home as seen from the street - not sure what the front wall fences in as it is open on the sides
Entry and carport additions

Outside, arches have been added to the front of the home, and a stucco and wrought iron fence encloses some of the front yard. A two car carport provides covered parking, and pieces of cinderblocks and red brick define planters and walkways.

Original entry hall

Former master bedroom at front of home.

Former master bathroom
Inside, there’s a lot going on. The original entry hall and former master bedroom are still in place, as is the original living room. There’s lots of different flooring styles represented here in a variety of configurations, including carpet, ceramic tiles in white, beige, and black; some on 45-degree angles, others on 90-degree angles.

Original living room on left, reconfigured entry to original master on right. Indentations above fireplace are the covered clerestory windows.
Kitchen doorway to living room to the left of range was enclosed; the fridge has been moved to the former doorway to the secondary bedroom.

The original living room has indentations where the clerestories once were and the full-wall modernist fireplace has been converted to a small, conventional fireplace with mantle. The kitchen is still essentially in its original location, receiving a makeover when the house started growing additions. The doorway to the living room, formerly to the left of the range, was closed off, and the center island and floating cabinetry is now an open gathering area.

Family room. The squared-90-degree tiled area was formerly the rear corner bedroom; a new corner bedroom has been added where the window opening was; now the pink room in the distance.

Family Room with added fireplace

The rear family room has been expanded both with an addition and a claiming of the former corner bedroom, and a new corner bedroom was added off of the family room. The family room incorporates an aftermarket fireplace along with lots and lots of mirrors.

Former carport has become the new master suite

Guest bath still incorporates the original sunken Krisel tub

The former carport has become the master suite with lots of closet space and its own bathroom. The bathrooms have all been modified well beyond their original design intent, but in the guest bath we spotted the original Krisel sunken bathtub that was found on so many of his homes.

Pool and patio area at side of home

Bring your wheelbarrow!

Out back there’s lots of landscaping waiting to happen, and a 33-foot long pool that would be perfect for laps, if it only had water. The lot is a generous 8,700 square feet, leaving lots of room for personalization.

This home is the perfect restoration opportunity. There’s lot of projects to tackle, and there’s the opportunity to remove most of these additions and restore the original floor plan or reconfigure and modify the existing additions. Either way this will be a great project for someone, and since it’s a short sale, it might be had a great price too.

Check out the listing on Redfin here: 3212 Gaucho Drive

Or Zillow here:  3212 Gaucho Drive

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