Saturday, August 1, 2015

1959 Lompoc Palmer & Krisel With Original Kitchen For Sale – Lompoc, CA

This 1959 Palmer & Krisel-designed home in the Lom Park subdivision just northeast of downtown Lompoc features a great retro time-capsule kitchen and lots of mature landscaping all at a low price of only $257,000. This home includes three bedrooms and two bathrooms in 1,556 square feet, a rear sunroom addition and a detached rear-alley entry garage on a 6,900 square-foot lot.

This home is a corner lot on the northwest corner of Chestnut Avenue and 6th Street, and is one of only a handful that was sited by Krisel on an angle, to create a presence on both street frontages. As the driveway and garage are at the rear of the home, the front yard has functioned as the garden space for the homeowner and fits in a large variety of trees, shrubs and vines, complimented by palm-lined 6th Street and Elm-lined Chestnut Avenue.

Front yard garden - there's a Krisel under there!

Usually Palmer & Krisel homes show light and bright when the original doors and windows are maintained, however nearly every window in this home has some sort of covering over it, while the sunroom addition at the rear of the home actually cuts off quite a bit of western light from reaching the living areas of the home. An easy fix with removal or replacement of window coverings.

Living Room - The red brick fireplace and surround is one of the more intriguing Krisel designs we've seen lately

Contrary to most Krisel floor plans, the living areas in this home are actually at the front of the property, while the kitchen is at the rear. The living room still incorporates several Krisel hallmarks, included vaulted ceilings, a four-pane floor-to-ceiling window, clerestories, and one of the most intriguing red-brick modernist fireplaces and surrounds we’ve seen in a while.

Original Kitchen - The cabinets and original counters are in great condition - we wish the walls were brighter

Original Kitchen. Note the butcher block built above the dishwasher to accommodate an after market addition.

The Kitchen is the star of this home, with original cabinetry and white and salmon speckled tiled countertops, a material that Krisel used in countless other homes. If you’ve got a keen eeye you’ll spot that the door panels above the range are sliders, and some of the uppers above the dishwasher have had their doors replaced with glass display door fronts. This kitchen holds lots of potential – imagine how fantastic those cabinets would look with a set of era-appropriate Rejuvination round cabinet knobs and back plates, lighter colored walls and consolidation of the electrical wires that rund between cabinets and outlets.

Sunroom addition has a great mid-century western vibe to it.

Bedroom with original clerestories and french door addition.

Renovated bathroom.

The sunroom addition at the rear of the home is accessed off of the kitchen and has a great retro mid-century 1960’s western vibe to it with rock fireplace, wood paneling and wood ceilings. Both bathrooms have been renovated at some point over the last 15 years, and while not necessarily the style of the home, are functional and do not need much work prior to move-in. The side bedrooms still accommodate original clerestories, and one has had a door added to access the backyard.

This is a neat property in the heart of Santa Barbara County, and at its current price will be gone quickly. If you’re looking to move to Lompoc and love mid-century, this Palmer & Krisel is a great candidate.

Check out Redfin for the full listing: 301 North 6th Street

Or 301 North 6th Street

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