Monday, August 31, 2015

Million Dollar Monday: Pacifica Palmer & Krisel View Home For Sale – San Diego, CA

Situated on a west-facing view lot on Mt. Soledad lies this 1963 Palmer & Krisel-designed mid-century modern home built by the Drogin Construction Company. Purchased in February of this year for $1,300,000, this home has been renovated and reconfigured over the past six months into the product we see today. Featuring five bedrooms and two bathrooms in 2,100 square feet, a two-car garage and million-dollar Mission Bay views the new and improved asking price of this home is $1,895,000.  

The front yard is very - brown

The entire front yard has been re-landscaped, with new retaining walls and new plantings installed, along with a newly brown-stained driveway, a new enclosed entry courtyard and new dark exterior paint on the home. The selected colors read very weighty, and the front yard almost begs for a green relief or softened edge to break up the heaviness created by the dark colors. One cool feature gained was the opaque garage door, which compliments the garage clerestories and adds a sleek modern touch to the home.

Kitchen and Dining Rooms

Living Room and Kitchen

The living, dining and kitchen have all been opened up to one another, taking full advantage (at the sacrifice of privacy) of the sweeping views offered by the large floor-to-ceiling windows wrapping around the east and west sides of the home. The kitchen now features a large central island, with black quartz counters, cherry cabinets and Viking appliances. The finishes are all very traditional, heavy and chunky, which at times seem at odds with the midcentury modern spirit of the home.

Master bathroom features basic big-box store finishes

Master Bedroom
Guest bath with basic finishes

Front guest room

The bathrooms have both been renovated with basic materials – floor tiles utilized for the tub and shower surrounds, pre-built dark stained vanities with granite counters and big-box store mirror frames, all surprising finish choices in a nearly $2 million home. The master bedroom sits at the rear of the home and offers a sliding glass door out to the backyard, and retains its general original configuration as have the other bedrooms. New modern closet doors have been added, matching the new modern interior doors.

Backyard features unobstructed views

Back patio is large, comfortable and generously sized

The backyard is wide-open and unobstructed, fully offering up sweeping views of Mission Bay, Downtown and beyond. There’s a large covered patio for enjoying the year-round mild San Diego climate, and it’s really the views that sell this place. The renovation won’t appeal to all buyers as it architecturally doesn’t embrace the style of the home; rather it forces another style upon an existing one, which creates visual discontinuity at the points where the two merge. But chances are you'll be too busy enjoying the view to notice much else.

Check out the full listing on here: 5156 Pacifica Drive

Or here: 5156 Pacifica Drive

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