Sunday, July 26, 2015

Pacifica Diamond in the Rough For Sale – San Diego, CA

There something about an unrestored Palmer & Krisel that we love seeing. These unrestored homes can be taken in any direction – restoration, renovation, modernist makeover, era appropriate, the good, the bad and everywhere in between. Today’s featured 1962 Palmer & Krisel is one of those candidates. With an addition, this home includes four bedrooms, three bathrooms with a two-car garage in 2,128 square-feet on a large 10,500 square-foot lot with an asking price of $900,000.

The exterior of the home boasts some great classic Krisel lines underneath some deferred maintenance. Shadow H-block is flanked by two slim floor-to-ceiling windows, complimented by original clerestory windows. The garage is still in place, and it looks as if the original clerestories above the garage door are still intact, just hidden beneath a coat of paint. The front yard is a blank slate waiting for that perfect water-conserving modernist makeover – this is a corner lot that has the potential to become a highly-visible showplace for the community.

Living room as viewed from the entry - there a great Krisel fireplace underneath all those marble tiles

Living room and entry as viewed from the Dining Room

There’s a small, enclosed courtyard leading up to the entry of the home. Black security wrought iron guards the entrance to the courtyard, and square-metal panels add a modernist touch to an otherwise utilitarian feature.  Walking onto the home, the entry is well lit by an overhead skylight and opens up into the large living and dining room. Anchoring the living room is a dramatic signature-Krisel corner fireplace. This one’s been gussied up with black marble tiles, causing the great form underneath to become washed out underneath busy lines, an easy fix during restoration.

Dining Room currently used for storage of stuff

Dining Room has some fantastic views of the bay

The original Kitchen - We've got a soft spot for that original oven, cabinets, pulls and tiled counter

Kitchen - hard to see in the pictures, but the uppers to the right are suspended from the ceiling and 'float' between the kitchen and Dining Rooms

Just off to the side of the living room is the kitchen, which opens to the dining room at the rear of the home. The kitchen is original, complete with original cabinet, pulls, tile countertop and wall oven. We know there’s a slim chance that the new owner will restore this kitchen and keep all the original elements, but we can hope! We love finding original Krisel kitchens as the way the architect envisioned them; hopefully if it’s removed the oven, cabinet boxes and door pulls will be salvaged and find a new home. It’s a little tricky to see, but the upper cabinets opposite the wall oven are actually ‘floating’ beneath the vaulted ceiling and above the breakfast bar, a neat mid-century modern feature that Krisel would throw into some of his designs.

The dining room opens up to the rear patio and has some commanding views of Mission Bay through dramatic floor-to-ceiling windows with the backyard in the foreground. The backyard is in similar condition to the front yard, and is waiting for a new owner to bring new life to it. The guest bathroom is ready to be renovated, and there’s no photos of the master bedroom or bathroom, only one shot of a mint green secondary bedroom with French doors where a glass slider would have originally been. 

Mint green secondary bedroom

Guest bathroom

Studio addiition brings the square-footage of this home up from 1,792 to 2,128

There’s also a 336 square-foot addition on this home, currently utilized as an artist’s studio. The addition is tacked on opposite the garage, and has its own bathroom. At the rear of the main structure, there’s a bizarre covered patio – an inverted form that’s pretty unique, and reads as something out of a sci-fi movie.

Rear covered patio is slightly out of scale with home

Backyard as viewed from studio addition

We hope that this home winds up with a modernist lover who has vision – it’s a worthy renovation candidate. It needs lots of work – there’s even plastic covering part of the roof – but it’s an opportunity to roll up your sleeves, follow the form of the home and breathe new life into this wonderful piece of modernism.

Check out the listing on Redfin here: 5012 San Joaquin Drive

Or here: 5012 San Joaquin Drive

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