Friday, July 10, 2015

Clean and Sanitized Krisel in Valwood Estates For Sale – Pomona, CA

Here’s another Palmer & Krisel-designed home in Pomona’s Valwood Estates on the market. This is the smallest models that was offered in Valwood, the Plan A, and measures in at 1,200 square feet. Providing three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a two garage on a 6,300 square-foot with an asking price of $320,000.

Like most homes in Valwood Estates, this one features a block and wrought iron front yard wall – we’re not sure why property owner in Valwood Estates love to fence in their front yards, but they do and this one features yet another fence. Also, like most homes in Valwood Estates, the windows have been replaced with popular white-vinyl-mullioned models – a look which definitely obscures the original glass-walled design intent of the architect, but an easy and economical switch out for property owners.

Inside, the home has been thoroughly updated and sanitized of anything that resembles a Palmer & Krisel design. The ordinarily open-beamed vaulted ceilings have been covered over in drywall, potentially to add insulation, potentially to ‘update’ the space. The room that would have originally been the den has been opened to the living room to create a larger, open living area.

Living Room & Dining beyond

Living Room

Living Room and former Den through large angled opening

The kitchen features standard big-box store-style cabinetry, with laminate countertops and beige tile backsplash. The kitchen does retain its original galley-style layout; however some of the cabinet box placement appears to be questionable.

Kitchen - the cabinet box next to the fridge appears unfinished


Both bathrooms are feature tile on every surface except for the ceiling, in non-offensive beige tones. They show bright; however, thanks to high windows letting in plenty of natural light. The bedrooms show bright, thanks to vaulted ceilings and large windows. The original clerestory windows are nowhere to be seen on this house, and most likely have been ‘updated’ away.

The backyard is large and grassy, with a concrete slab, pair of mulberry trees and plenty of satellite dishes attached to the eaves. There’s not much midcentury or modern left in this home, but it’s a clean example at a relatively low price, and will most likely be attractive to its new owners based on that criteria.

Master Bedroom

Hall Bathroom

Backyard & satellite dishes

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