Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Foremost Park Palmer & Krisel For Sale –La Puente, CA

Here’s a pretty original looking 1956 Palmer & Krisel home in La Puente/West Covina, CA that’s been on and off the market at least three times over the last few weeks. It’s a probate sale, meaning the owner probably has passed away, which may complicate the escrow process.

Developed by the Foremost Contracting and Engineering Company, this home contains 1,370 square feet, providing three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a two-car garage with an asking price of $349,999. It’s a corner lot and includes an in-ground pool in the back yard.

Diving pool

There’s no interior shots of this home, but we wanted to share it with you because it’s got great original lines to the façade. All windows appear to be original, and there’s some great wooden detailing surrounding the window openings. There’s wood blocks which jut out between two of the window openings, planked by parallel vertical 2”x 4”s which connect to the inside of the eaves. This type of detailing was such a hallmark of Krisel’s that it can be on dozens of other housing tracts from the mid 1950's to mid 60's, and far too often we see less and less of these details as these mid-century homes age.

Front view

The other two wonderful intact Krisel trademarks that are still intact on the front are the floor to ceiling four-pane windows, again seen on countless other tracts throughout the 1950s and 60s, along with the second ‘service porch’ doorway on the front of the home. Typically these were separated by a four to five-foot wooden fence to avoid the appearance of having two front doors, and the original fence on this home is probably long gone.

Side of home & garage

The garage would have been originally detached from the home, but appears to be connected by a covered breezeway in this example. Also visible are the original clerestories on the side of the home, another great Krisel hallmark.

This looks like a pretty quaint home, hopefully the new owner will retain those great original architectural details and make this home shine like new.

Check out the Redfin listing here: 1040 Feather Avenue

Or here: 1040 Feather Avenue

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