Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Valwood Estates Palmer & Krisel Fixer For Sale – Pomona, CA

Relatively new to the market is this 1955 Palmer & Krisel-designed home in Pomona’s Valwood Estates. Legally this home is listed as a four bedroom, two bathroom home in 1,200 square feet, but a non-permitted addition on the rear of the home adds two additional bedrooms, while the original master has been sectioned off as a separate apartment. The home carries an asking price of $350,000, features a two-car detached garage and sits on a 5,800 square-foot lot.

Front of home
Front entry and entry to added apartment 

There’s lots of work to be done on this home, with the non-permitted rear addition and most likely non-permitted apartment conversion at the front of the home. Like most other homes in Valwood Estates, the front yard on the property is fenced in, and a lone street tree stands at the front of the property. The home generally maintains its original proportions on the front exterior, with the exception of the window openings, which have all been reduced in height and size, replaced with white vinyl mullioned windows, another popular aftermarket addition seen throughout Valwood Estates.
Floor plan
Dining room and entry hall 

Dining room 

Living room

Living room - original sealed off master bedroom lies behind the the couch 

Inside, all openings to the original master bedroom and bathroom have been sealed off, which would have been adjacent to the entry hall. The living room and kitchen sit at the rear of the home, while the dining room sits at the front. The living room is anchored with its original cut stone fireplace, and much like the front of the home, all the original floor-to-ceiling windows have been reduced in size, while the original clerestory windows on the sides of the home have been drywalled over. Also drywalled over are the original open beamed celotex ceilings, most likely as a means of concealing electrical for added ceiling fans.

Dining and kitchen 

Kitchen - original backyard door would have been next to the dryer

Kitchen - window above sink has been deleted to accommodate the un-permitted rear addition

The kitchen has been updated over the years, with flat-fronted wood cabinetry and laminate countertops. The kitchen window has been lost due to the addition at the rear of the home, and 3” tile covers the wall as a backsplash. The addition also removed the rear yard door off of the laundry room, and curiously this home now has no backyard access door.

Secondary bedroom at front of home
Secondary bedroom at rear of home 

Added bedroom at rear of home - note original soffiit in upper left corner

Added bedroom at rear of home with original soffit in upper right corner

Guest bath - note mysterious black spots at base of tub and ceiling

There’s no photos provided of the front apartment, so no telling what condition that room is in. The remaining bedrooms are colorful, and the addition contains two additional rooms where unfortunately the original soffits of the rear of the home are clearly visible inside the room. The secondary bathroom is rough at best, with some black spotting noted above the tub and at the base.


Back of home 

Back of home with no access

The backyard has no direct access from inside the home, contains random concrete work and a patchy lawn. Chain link fencing and a few small trees dot the perimeter of the back yard.

Like most other Valwood Estates homes, this property has had quite a few alterations over the years and has had lots of use over the years. For those not afraid of a little work or unpermitted additions, be sure to check this home out.

Check out the full listing on here: 2244 Academy Avenue

Or here: 2244 Academy Avenue

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