Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Southwest Whittier Palmer & Krisel Priced to Sell – Whittier, CA

Built in 1955 in southwest Whittier is this four bedroom, two bathroom 1,340 square-foot Palmer & Krisel-designed home. Featuring a two-car garage on an efficient 5,000 square-foot lot the home carries a low asking price of only $379,900.

Front entry

The front of the home holds a green grassy lawn, with dense plantings at the base of the home. The large four-pane front windows have been given up in favor of while vinyl mullioned replacements, with thick white molding, which alters the intended modern appearance of the home.

Living Room is anchored by large modernist fireplace

Living Room features signature walls of glass overlooking the backyard 

Like most Palmer & Krisel-designed homes, the kitchen, living and dining rooms are all at the rear of the home overlooking the backyard. The living room is anchored by a modernist corner fireplace with a stacked brick surround. The angled hearth appears to be a later addition, yet still vintage. The open beamed ceilings are still in place, while the common areas are floored in dark wood laminate.

Kitchen shows dark without clerestories

The kitchen has been updated with typical big-box store style materials – dark cherry cabinets, granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances. The clerestories on the sides of the home have long been covered over, replaced with warping plastic siding on the outside and drywall on the inside. This cuts down significantly on the amount of natural light entering the living areas and bedrooms.

Secondary bedroom

Dark curtains make the norht-facing secondary bedroom show dark

Bathroom doesn't reflect the mid century modern roots of the home

The bedrooms are all fairly modest in size, as four bedrooms in 1,300 square feet is a tight fit in any situation. The bathrooms have all been updated over time with simple, generic materials that don’t reflect the midcentury modern style of the home.

Apparently the only spot of color on the home is this gate. Warping plastic siding covers the area where clerestories once were located

Backyard covered patio

The backyard contains a trellised, covered patio and raised grassy area. There’s definitely some TLC needed on this property, and restoration of the original clerestories would help make some of the small spaces feel larger. At its current price, this home definitely won’t last long, hopefully the new owner will see the modernist potential that this property holds.

Check out the full listing on here: 11644 Nan Street    

Or here: 11644 Nan Street

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