Thursday, September 17, 2015

Del Cerro Palmer & Krisel Flip For Sale – San Diego, CA

Built in 1960 by the Drogin Construction Company is this Palmer & Krisel-designed midcentury home in San Diego’s Tierra del Cerro subdivision. Sitting on the market for several months as a semi-permanent construction zone, work is finally complete and the flip is done. With five bedrooms, two bathrooms and a two car garage in 2,168 square feet, the asking price of this home is $559,000.

Flippers love beige and white, and this house has plenty of it

Situated on a 9,800 square-foot lot, the homme actually sits just a couple hundred feet off of Interstate 8, admittedly not the most desirable location. The front of the home is very much the epitome of a flip property – the ubiquitous beige paint with white trim seems to be the calling card of a flipper. It’s almost comical – the gravel yard is beige, the retaining walls are beige, the rock veneer is beige, and the H-shadow block is beige.

The signature floor-to-ceiling sliver windows on either side of the shadow block have been replaced with ¾ height double hungs which throw off the lines of the home, but at least the original clerestory windows are all still intact and maintained.

Kitchen is vintage, but not original

Inside, the only original element remaining is the open beamed ceilings, and even that’s not the case in some rooms as some have flat ceilings. The kitchen is one of those rooms, and it features an interesting mix of mid 1970’s cabinetry painted brown, with a tan stone countertop.


Bedroom at front of home - note ill-fitting replacement windows
Bedroom at rear of home

Guest bath - why is there a keyed lock?

One more bath with another strange keyed lock

There’s no photos of the living or dining room available, so there’s no telling what condition they’re in, but beige walls is a pretty safe assumption. The bedrooms shown all appear to modest in size, beige and without any window coverings. The bathrooms have all been renovated with materials that are indicative of being purchased at a big-box home-improvement store. What’s even more curious are the doors to the bathrooms – they all have key locks on the outside. In a house full of strange choices, why make another to confuse buyers?

Back of home with small windows where walls of glass once were

The backyard consists mainly of gravel, concrete, and a naturally landscaped hillside. There’s no frills out there, and not much money was spent on it. The back of the home, which would of originally consisted of dramatic walls of glass, now consists of beige stucco, small vinyl replacement windows and solid panel doors.

There’s been a lot of character removed from this house, however there’s no telling what condition it was in pre-flip. It’s going to take a lot of work to bring it back to its midcentury modern roots, and there are two better Palmer & Krisel candidates for sale in nearby College Glen Estates, but for those looking for a restoration challenge or in need of a five bedroom home, this is the place for you.

Check out the full listing on here: 6574 Airoso Avenue

Or here: 6574 Airoso Avenue

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