Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Valwood Estates Palmer & Krisel Fixer For Sale – Pomona, CA

Built in 1955 by builder Weber-Burns in Pomona, CA is this 1955 Palmer & Krisel-designed fixer for sale in Valwood Estates. This midcentury home features four bedrooms and two bathrooms tucked into 1,200 square feet, sits on a 6,000 square-foot lot with a detached two-car garage, and carries an asking price of $349,500.

Situated on a corner lot, this south-facing home sits behind a wrought-iron fence with a large turf yard. A pair of mature trees flank the home, which has a large front yard due to the driveway and garage being located in the backyard.  The exterior of the home features both replacement and original windows, stucco siding and what appears to be a solar hot water heater.

Living room 

Living room

Inside, this home is well-worn, as this is a small home that was designed for several occupants. The living room sits at the rear of the home, anchored by the cut stone fireplace that was unique to Valwood Estates. The cut stone has been painted over with a red gloss paint; however, there’s always the potential for restoration. The original clerestory windows have been covered over, cutting down on the amount of natural light intended to enter the home and make a small space feel larger.

The kitchen appears to be missing some cabinet door and drawer fronts, along with containing two different styles of cabinet faces. The whole room appears to need a little tlc, and could definitely benefit from a modernist makeover.



Only one photo of the four bedrooms is shown, which indicated that the rooms are floored in hardwood laminate. Only one photo of the bathroom is shown, and like the rest of the house, appears to need a little work, with a wide gap cut into the tub surround. Interestingly, there’s also no mirror in the bathroom and no cover for the light fixture.

Side of home - backyard can at least fit a mini van!
There’s no photos of the backyard, just a side-yard photo indicating that the backyard is large enough to accommodate a minivan.

Valwood Estate Palmer & Krisel homes tend to be well-used over the years, and could definitely use some owners with a little vision who aren’t afraid to take on a renovation project, and this home is no exception.

Check out the full listing on here: 2297 Concord Avenue

Or here: 2297 Concord Avenue

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