Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Santa Maria Palmer & Krisel Meet Seventies Zen – Santa Maria, CA

Located in northwestern Santa Barbara County is this 1959 Palmer & Krisel-designed home in the town of Santa Maria, CA. This three bedroom, two bathroom home has been expanded with additions on both the front and rear of the home, to encompass 1,971 square feet. Sited on a 6,900 square-foot lot, this Palmer & Krisel with a 1970s Japanese-influenced renovation carries an asking price of $285,000.

Out front, much of what can be seen from the street on the front of the home isn’t original. The formerly detached garage has been attached to the home with a long, linear front addition, topped with a gabled addition opposite the garage. The scale of the original structure has been retained, as have original design cues such as clerestory windows and a central beam.


Entry hall - original 'front' of home is on left

The entry leads directly into the front addition, which immediately sets the tone as a 1970’s Japanese-inspired setting. Shoji screens line the entry and conceal former windows from the original front of the home. From here, the home gets a bit maze-like, while bits and pieces of Krisel’s original design work can be seen under decades-old alterations.

Dining room is pretty interesting 

Living room still maintains the original modernist fireplace

Sunroom addition at the back of the home has seen better days

A raised-platform dining area has been carved out of an original portion of the home, surrounded by shoji screens, wood paneling and sliding door, with original clerestories still in place. The original living room sits towards the rear of the home, maintaining its substantial hallmark modernist fireplace, illuminated by an overhead added skylight. An opening leads to the rear addition, which is a long, linear sunroom lining most of the back of the home.

L-shaped kitchen 


Sunken Roman tub added on at back of home

Master bathroom, presumably

The only bedroom photo provided, and there's lots going on in this small space

No telling what this room is about - there's a bathtub, counter and what looks like a kitchen or laundry sink

The kitchen sits in an L-shaped galley form, with vintage seventies cabinetry and appliances. One of the original end bedrooms is shown, which still retains its original clerestories and some built-in shelving. Added on the back of the home is a spa-like bathroom, with a deep mosaic-tiled roman tub overlooking the backyard. The rest of the house is a mystery, but if it’s half as interesting as the other rooms shown, it won’t disappoint.



The backyard appears to be impeccably maintained, with neatly trimmed landscape surrounding a lush green lawn.

While this home has been pretty altered over the years, there’s something interesting about it that makes us want to see more – especially what it looked like in its heyday, and what’s up with that room with the bathtub in it?

Check out the full listing on here: 838 East Tunnell Street

Or here: 838 East Tunnell Street

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