Wednesday, April 6, 2016

One Owner Vintage 1955 Palmer & Krisel For Sale – Whittier, CA

Located in southwest Whittier is this fantastic opportunity to acquire a one-owner Palmer & Krisel-designed midcentury home. With four bedrooms and two bathrooms in 1,344 square feet and a two car garage sited on a 5,100 square-foot lit, the asking price of this efficient piece of modernist architecture is $398,000.

Front of garage

Side entry - check out that nifty vintage mailbox!

The exterior of the home maintains its original lines, with the only visible update being the large coach light adjacent to the original garage door. The front yard appears to be meticulously maintained, with a crisp green lawn accented with base plantings along the garage and a hedgerow at the front of the home. Entry to the home is located along the south side of the property, lined with rose trees and well-manicured plantings.

Living room - fireplace and steel surround is original, bricks and hearth are not

Dining room 

Dining and living

Inside, the living and dining rooms face the small backyard through large open windows and clerestories. The original steel-framed floating fireplace is still in place, anchoring he living room, however red brick has been added as a hearth and to the left of the fireplace box, which would have originally contained one-inch mosaic tilework.

Kitchen, complete with pegboard cabinetry and vintage bullet light



Breakfast nook - check out that floor!

The kitchen and laundry room sit adjacent to the dining room along the north side of the home, and are near mint as they were in 1955. The original pegboard cabinetry with saucer pulls is still intact, as is Krisel’s signature speckled tile countertop. The appliances have all been updated with newer white replacements, which seem to work well with the original-ness of the room, and an original bullet light fixture completes the space. The breakfast nook sits adjacent to the kitchen, finished with brick veneer and wood paneling, and multi-colored VCT floor appears to be original.



Original paneling at bedroom 



The bedrooms all contain their original open beamed wood ceilings with natural finish, original windows and mahogany paneling. The baths have been updated over time with simple, white tilework and fixtures which work for the diminutive space.

Side yard with original clothesline

Backyard and covered patio

The side yard contains a small patch of turf and a vintage clothesline, along with lush, well-maintained plantings surrounding the perimeter of the yard. The rear yard off the living and dining rooms is essentially a large patio space, mostly covered to minimize the western sun, surrounded with raised planters and lush plantings at the perimeter of the space.

One-owner Palmer & Krisel homes are becoming rarer and rarer these days, and the amount of care this home has had over the last sixty-one years is impressive. Be sure to jump on this one before its gone.

Check out the full listing on here: 8211 Westman Avenue

Or here: 8211 Westman Avenue

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