Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Flipped Flair Home Returns – Tucson, AZ

Last seen on the blog in November as a trashed and thrashed fixer upper is this now-renovated 1960 Palmer & Krisel Tucson Flair Home that’s been flipped and flopped. With four bedrooms and two bathrooms in 1,611 square feet sited on a 8,700 square-foot lot, the asking price on this home is $175,000.

Front of home

Selling above ask at $102,500 in January of this year, the current owner has admittedly done a lot with a small budget. They’ve cleaned the property, painted inside and out, replaced trashed baths and given the home new windows and a kitchen. Of course there are flipper hallmarks everywhere – boob lights, vinyl windows, a weird corral carved out of a kitchen doorway and bizarre placement of the master bedroom door.

Front of home - gravel matches paint colors

Out front, new dark red gravel has been added to the front yard, replacing the lighter salt & pepper gravel that in place. A lighter pink gravel serves as the driveway, and the original landscape was cleaned up. The home has been painted the same color as the driveway and yard gravel, light pink and red.

Living room 

Living room, master bedroom entry and entry hall

Living room and view to kitchen 

Inside, the rear facing living room has been floored in wood laminate, and new windows and sliders look out to the unfinished yet cleared and cleaned backyard. The entrance to the master bedroom has been relocated to the south living room wall, making couch and television placement in the room a challenge.

And where one door was added, interestingly, another was taken away. The kitchen to living room  ingress and egress has been removed and raised to a half-height wall, creating a strange portal opening exposing more of the kitchen – and the side of the to-be-installed-fridge - than before to the living area. Sometimes in an effort to open spaces up, consideration to detail is overlooked resulting in new problems being created.



The kitchen is now a small corral, accessed only from the family/dining room area now. Granite counters sit over shaker cabinetry, and the hanging cabinetry has been removed reducing the amount of storage space available.

Dining/family room 

Dining/family room 

The dining/family room still maintains its original clerestory windows, and serves as the central hallway accessing the three secondary bedrooms as well as the laundry area, now concealed behind a set a bi-fold doors. The former jack and jill bath between the two original secondary bedrooms has been reconfigured, with the doors to the bedrooms being removed and a new doorway now faces the dining area, an unfortunate consideration for dining guests.

Added fourth bedroom at rear of home

Secondary bedroom 

Secondary bedroom 

Guest bath

Master bedroom 

Weird master bath entry through closet - this was a flipper add-on

Master bath

The secondary bedrooms all feature boob lights and brown carpeting, both of which are improvements over previous condition. The master bedroom still features its original clerestory windows, and the configuration has been altered, with the entrance placed at the living room and the former entry converted to a closet. This new configuration also now means that the master bathroom is now accessed through the closet, which isn’t really an improvement to the floor plan.

Back of home and backyard 


Wishing well - I wish the mid-mod gets put back into this home

The backyard has been cleared and cleaned, but otherwise is a blank slate, because the flipper handbook tells readers not to landscape a backyard as a buyer’s mind is typically made up by the time they see the house.

The improvements made to this property don’t acknowledge the history or architects behind the property, but they definitely made the property livable once again. Hopefully the new owners will choose to return the home back to its modernist roots.

Check out the full listing on 1144 Wheatridge Drive

Or here: 1144 Wheatridge Drive

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