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Black Mountain Estates Palmer & Krisel Golf Course Home For Sale – Henderson, NV

Built in 1964 by Paradise Homes in Henderson, Nevada is Black Mountain Estates, a collection of approximately four-dozen Palmer & Krisel homes surrounding the Black Mountain Golf Course. Interspersed with custom homes from later decades, the buildout of Black Mountain Estates exclusively with Palmer & Krisel-designed homes was never realized due to a local housing recession that ran between 1964 and 1968. The end result is that the Palmer & Krisel homes have become the ‘old’ homes in the development, and oftentimes homeowners will take drastic steps to modernize them.

This particular floorplan is one that Krisel duplicated across the west – most recently we featured the same plan in nearby Paradise Palms, Tucson and Westminster. The current homeowners have added their own interpretation and modifications to the home, and have converted it to a two bedroom, two bathroom 1,225 square-foot home. With an in-ground pool and above-ground spa on a 10,000 square-foot golf course lot the asking price on this home is $219,900.

'Before' of home - signature Krisel board and batten siding was still in place
Original kitchen was still instact in 2011
The exterior of the home has recently been covered in choppy lace stucco, which replaced the original signature Krisel vertical board and batten siding. Original clerestory windows were covered, and the front windows in the former master bedroom were shortened to no longer extend to the ground. The yard itself consists of rock and palms, and is a perfect blank slate for a modernist makeover.


Living room

Kitchen opened to living room


Former master bedroom is now a small dining room

Inside the home, the current owners have reconfigured the floor plan significantly, reorienting the living areas and creating a visually smaller home.  Typically, the home would have been built as a three bedroom, two bathroom with the master at the front of the home, and the secondary bedrooms split by the entryway. The kitchen would have sat the center of the home, and would have been flanked with the living room at the front, and family/dining room at the back.

Secondary bedroom

Master bedroom which was once the family room

On this home, the master bedroom has been converted into a small dining room, the kitchen has been completely opened and exposed to the living room, and the family/dining room and rear corner bedroom have been converted to a large master suite. This creates one less public area by removing the separate family room, and the kitchen now opened to the living room allows all the public areas to visually be absorbed at once, giving the home a small apartment-like feel.



Pool and above ground spa

Covered patio 


The swimming pool lies at the east side of the home has been restored, once filled in as a planter, it now holds water. The pool area is walled in from the rest of the backyard, and is completely private and unseen from the adjacent golf course fairway. The remainder of the backyard consists of patchy lawn, and is disconnected from the swimming pool area.

There were some great original elements in this home up until 2011, and currently the home doesn’t read as midcentury modern, rather it’s a mix of dissimilar styles. The reconfiguration of the floor plan and removal of clerestory windows results in no net gains, and creates a visually smaller space. At the current price it’s not a great restoration candidate, but if anyone is looking for a long-term project in a quiet community with a beautiful lot, this home is definitely worth considering.

Check out for the full listing here: 634 St. Andrews Road

Or Zillow here: 634 St. Andrews Road

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