Thursday, December 24, 2015

Allied Gardens Palmer & Krisel For Sale – Hacienda Heights, CA

This has been a banner month for modified Palmer & Krisel homes, and this new listing in Hacienda Heights, CA is no exception. Built in 1955 as part of the Allied Gardens development, this modified midcentury home features four bedrooms and two bathrooms in 1,450 square feet with a very large two car garage all on a large 8,000 square-foot lot with an asking price of $498,000.

Front of home - garage roof has been raised & heighten from original
The two most noticeable modifications to this California contemporary home are the upwards expansion of the two car garage and the high hat roofline which has been placed above the entry. Cornices have been added to both modifications, along with archways to match the Victorian-style front door. Originally this home would have had a much more unassuming entry and more appropriately-scaled detached garage.

The home sits on a large grassy pie-shaped lot in the knuckle of Matchleaf Avenue, allowing for a large southeast-facing rear yard. White vinyl-mullioned windows have taken the place of the original trimline aluminum windows out front, which alters the intended character of the home.

Dining room addition

Inside, there’s only three photographs provided of the interior of the home, leaving the rest to be discovered upon viewing. A small dining area has been added in the former service porch between the kitchen and the garage, with a pass-through constructed through a former window.  The kitchen is located at the northern corner of the home, and features raised panel cabinetry with laminate counter tops from what appears to be a mid-1990’s update.

Living room
The living room sits adjacent to the kitchen, and features clerestory windows and original paneling. A traditional mantle has been added to the original fireplace, which blurs the modernist lines of Krisel’s architectural hallmark.

The four bedrooms and two bathrooms occupy the southern half of the home, with two bedrooms and a bath along the front of the home and two bedrooms and a bath facing the rear, in a floorplan that we’ve seen all over from Santa Ana to Pomona, Las Vegas to Whitter. There’s no photographs provided of the bedrooms, but dimensions were typically small, approximately 10’ x 10’ in size. Homeowners tend to remove a demising wall between bedrooms in these models to create one large master suite.

Covered patio & back of home
Covered patio


The backyard is large and grassy, containing a few fruit trees and a small covered patio area, essentially leaving it a blank slate for a water-conserving modernist makeover.

There’s a bit of work that’s going to be required to bring this house back to its original aesthetic, but most of the bones are there for those willing to take on a challenge.

Check out the full listing on here: 1780 Matchleaf Avenue

Or here: 1780 Matchleaf Avenue

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