Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Westridge Park Palmer & Krisel Time Capsule For Sale – Winnetka, CA

Built in 1959 by builder George Heltzer is this time capsule of a home in Westridge Park in Winnetka, CA in the San Fernando Valley. Designed by architects Palmer & Krisel, this home features three bedrooms and two bathrooms in 1,823 expanded square feet, a detached rear-yard garage, and an in-ground pool all on an 8,600 square-foot cul-de-sac lot with an asking price of $509,000.

Unfortunately there aren’t many photographs of this midcentury modern time capsule, but this home was too good not to share. The home sits behind a small front yard, currently the perfect candidate for a modernist water-conserving makeover. The façade of the home features a fun checkerboard screen concealing a front-facing bathroom window, a combination of clapboard siding and stucco and Krisel’s signature four-pane windows. A neatly trimmed hedgerow sits at the base of the home, while wild junipers grow along the south side of the front yard.

Inside, the living room sits at the rear of the home while the kitchen lies at the front. On this floorplan, the master bedroom and bath sit between the entry and living room at the front of the home, a breakfast nook adjacent to the entry and the kitchen opposite the nook. There’s also an approximate 400 square-foot family room addition at the northeast corner of the home, which unfortunately there are no pictures of.

Living room - WOW!

The rear facing living room looks straight out of 1959, with Krisel’s signature modernist fireplace anchoring the west wall of the room. Clerestory windows sit above a paneled overmantle, which in turn sits above thin, horizontal stonework. Topping off the room is a thoughtfully-placed vintage George Nelson cigar lamp helping to anchor the fireplace and set the mid-mod tone for the room.


The kitchen still maintains its original dark-stained cabinets, white tile countertops, along with vintage appliances, including fridge. The floor looks to be mid to later 1960s, but is still pretty wild and vintage in its own right.

Pool and rear yard detached garage

Backyard and pool

The large backyard contains a good-sized in-ground pool, a covered patio off of the living room and a detached garage accessed via an adjacent alleyway. Mature trees and shrubs line backyard, and like the front, is in need of a modernist makeover that better suits the style of the home.

There aren’t any photos of the bed or bathrooms, but judging by the few home photos shown, they’ve got to be straight out of 1959. Frighteningly, the listing agent suggests that this home needs updating, hopefully a Krisel enthusiast will bring out the best and retain the features that give this home so much character.

Check out the full listing on here: 20839 Blythe Street

Or here: 20839 Blythe Street

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